Hi! I'm Sarah Kathleen Peck, and I am a writer, storyteller, and designer.

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I've written over 300 essays and been featured in Fast Company, the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Thought Catalog, LifeHacker, American Planning Association, Get Rich Slowly, Medium, and many more.

Featured Essays:

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If you love learning:

I've created a ton of resources on this website for you to use, learn, and grow. From an eight-week writing workshop to a free course on yoga for beginners, you can learn about content strategy, deepen your experience of grace & gratitude, or just sit back and enjoy any of the articles written on the website!

A little about me:

I am a content strategist, communications specialist, and teacher by trade. I teach digital writing workshops such as The Writer's Workshop and Content Strategy for Thought Leaders, work on content strategy with private clients, and teach storytelling workshops around the globe.

Websites can be hard to navigate if you’re not following along from the beginning, so if you’re new here, start by taking a look through my favorite posts or read through the blog. There are lots of other goodies on this website (people email me and say they get lost in here for hours) so consider yourself warmly welcomed into my internet home. Curl up, grab a good seat, have a cup of hot chocolate or tea, and enjoy.

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