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2010 in review: travel

#Reverb10 offers a month of reflection and prompts for each day. I'm doing a handful of them on this blog, plus a few of my own for a 2010 in review series. December 22 is about Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

Travel.  What a lovely word. What a lovely year.

In lieu of another essay, I'll leave it to a few photos to catalog and capture this year. Here are just some of the photographs from this whirlwind year. (For more images, take a look at photos + places on my design website)

jackson hole.


taipei, taiwan






los angeles.

august, october, + november.

san francisco.






can't wait until 2011 ... Happy New Years! to another year of exploration :)

2010 in review: achieve

#Reverb10 offers a month of reflection and prompts for each day. December 28 is achieve: Tara Sophia, the author, prompts us to look beyond the goals and the lists that we create – and instead, imagine the feeling that each of these achievements creates. When we reach a certain goal, we have attained more thanContinue Reading

Defining moment: running.

I run. This year, I ran a lot. Ran for sheer joy, out of exhaustion, to escape my work life, to find new places, to learn, and to start or end my day. I ran to explore, to test my capabilities, to challenge my mind, and most often, just to be. To simply be. TheContinue Reading

Comparisons are ruthless.

Yoga class. A practice in relaxing, in breathing, in being in the present. And yet, I find I’m doing it again – yes, I’m guilty! Do you ever compare yourself to the person next to you? It seems there will always be a better yogi. The teacher gently reminds the class that we’re all perfectlyContinue Reading

2010 in review: ordinary joy

#Reverb10 offers a month of reflection and prompts for each day. I’m slowly catching up, and enjoying the prompts, however delayed. December 27 is ordinary joy. *** *** *** Yesterday I ran to the bus stop, almost missing the bus, to jump on the 38L and transverse San Francisco, east to west. My apartment isContinue Reading

It starts with Gentle.

Be kind to yourself. You are doing OK. There may be a hundred things running around in that brain of yours, but slow down long enough to take a break. My dove chocolate today said it nicely: It’s okay not to do everything. Breathe. You won’t do everything. You won’t finish everything, your life willContinue Reading

2010 in review: photo

#Reverb10 offers a month of reflection and prompts for each day. I’m slowly catching up, and enjoying the prompts, however delayed. December 25 is a photo: This was in Philadelphia, at Penn’s Landing by the Delaware River, with two of my closest friends, Matt and Alexandra. Photograph by Matt Sklar. *** *** *** Philadelphia. Oh,Continue Reading

It Starts With Now

The most paralyzing word in our language is “Later.” Later. Later means “not now.” Unfortunately, later means, possibly never at all. Start small. But more importantly, start now.  Even if it’s the smallest, tiniest effort – you’ve started. *** *** *** When I started doing “lessons from less,” I didn’t start with a big ideaContinue Reading

It Starts With Small

It starts with small. Sometimes the smallest, most insignificant changes are really the most important. Not all good things start with a bang. This reduction of things in my life – saying yes and saying no – is a bit of a bang. Although I’m trying to keep it reigned in, a bit. Small changes,Continue Reading

2010 in review: one word

Perhaps this shall be dubbed the year of not me. Reverb 10 keeps getting me stuck on trying to figure out what one word will explain the year 2010, and what word I’d like to use to describe 2011. I’m okay with 2011. I think somewhere between epic and slow would suffice, if I had to describe my dreamsContinue Reading