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Big birthday extravaganza! It’s a blowout sale for all my courses — buy one, give one — for 3 days only.

It's my birthday this week! And I'm celebrating — big time.

My birthday is this week — I'm a Scorpio baby, full of fire, energy, and an insatiable need to make things.

Over the past year, I've written more than 100,000 words and developed three separate courses that have paved the way for stories, essays, and writing in our private communities.

After leading more than 500 people through the courses, growing our community, and working together with people to iterate, improve, and finesse the programs — I've built each program into a self-guided program for people to access from anywhere, anytime. Over the past summer, we built two brand-new websites to host the writing programs, and all of the content is now available online in a special members-only website where people can work through their writing projects at a pace that fits their schedule.


And for my birthday, I'm opening up a massive 3-day sale on my three flagship courses: The Writer's Workshop, Content Strategy for Thought Leaders, and Grace & Gratitude. All of the courses are self-guided and will begin in the weeks immediately after you register (see below for official course opening dates).

For three days only — From Tuesday, October 28th at 8AM until Thursday, October 30th at midnight — all of my courses are on sale.

It's a birthday present from me to you. Okay, while today's not my *actual* birthday, it is this week, and today kicks off the three-day celebrations. In the spirit of over-indulgence and the happiest of birthdays, here's the scoop: for three days, everything is buy-one, give one. That's right, it's two-for-one.

All of my programs are buy-one, give-one. That means everything, absolutely everything — is half off. Buy one for yourself, give a free spot to your friend.

Want to scoop up a registration to the Writer's Workshop and a registration to Content Strategy for just you? Do it! — you can also buy one registration to each program for yourself, still half price. Just register yourself for one program and write your name in the second registration line.

The Writer's Workshop: Self-Guided Workshop
$300 | Opens Nov 3rd.

Full program details
BUY ONE, GIVE-ONE registration ($150 each!)

 Content Strategy for Thought Leaders
$300 | Opens Nov 3rd.

Full program details
BUY-ONE, GIVE-ONE registration ($150 each!)

Grace & Gratitude
$200 | Starts November 8th.

Full program details
BUY-ONE, GIVE-ONE registration ($75 each!)

I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

Want to share it with a friend? Tweet it out, share the love on Facebook, or email out to your friends — that would MAKE my week. Let the party begin!

Questions? Ideas? Concerns? Send a note or leave a comment below.

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