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Want to learn yoga in 5 minutes a day?


I was sitting at dinner with my friends Amber and Farhad recently, and the conversation turned to yoga, drawing, and art. I mentioned an idea I had, to make small "yoga grams" on my Instagram with a posture or two that people could learn and try in just a few minutes a day. If you know Amber, you know what comes next:

"Yes, yes, Do it! How about 100 days of YogaGrams?"

100 days of YogaGrams was born.

On August 30th, I started a mini-project to teach people yoga through Instagram. With the hashtag #100YogaGrams, I'm sharing one new pose each day for 100 days to help people practice yoga, build their understanding of asana and vinyasa, and enjoy moving in their bodies.

The hardest part of any practice is often the beginning. I've often been overwhelmed, confused, or scared to begin because I think everyone else knows so much and I don't have an easy way in. This program looks at one pose a day, and gives you notes and a fun way to practice, and to do so simply.

Want to learn yoga in 5 minutes a day?

Sometimes it's nice to have a little email boost to keep us on track. I'm building 21 days (a habit's worth) into a daily delivery program. The first one will go out in just a few days — a free email post-it note for you to practice yoga!

Sign up here if you're interested in getting the free series delivered to your inbox.

About the project:

The goal is to explain yoga in ways that can be done in just a couple of minutes per day, in a way that's relatable to your every day life (sitting at a computer, being tired at the end of the day, wanting to move some of your pent-up energy through your body). I share the yoga pose and the idea behind each one in a tiny instagram - a 'yoga bite' if you will.

The weekly sequences usually start with a warm-up on Mondays, build to a harder standing pose and inversion option by Thursday or Friday, and then cool down with a restorative pose on Sundays. By the end of #100YogaGrams, you'll have a sample platter of several warm-ups, standing poses, and restorative poses so you can customize your own yoga practice by mix-and-matching with the cards.

Every so often, I show you a couple of poses in a day-by-day pattern, and then string them together in what's called a "flow." So, for example, poses #3 through #7 can be tied together in what's known as a vinyasa flow, and I draw an asana glyph series on day #8 that shows how to link them together. I also show a video (#9) that demonstrates how to tie the poses together in your own 5-minute or 10-minute sequence!

If you've ever felt intimidated by yoga, or you feel like a class moves too fast for you — or you just want to take a 5 minute break in the middle of the day — #YogaGrams. 

Yoga changed my life, and it keeps making it richer.

Yoga has changed my life. I've lost weight, gained mental clarity, become more at ease, and so much more. I trained for the past year with Abhaya Yoga in DUMBO, Brooklyn, with Tara Glazier, Aaron Angel, and James Fideler — and so many more wonderful and wise souls. Over the last year, I moved to New York, joined this yoga studio, began deepening my yoga practice, and completed my 200-hour teacher training.What started as a craving to deepen my practice deepened my spirituality, my ability to teach, my philosophical understanding, and my grounding in the world. Showing up each week, sometimes almost every day, even if just a pose at a time, has helped me build a way of life that I love.

Yoga is a gift to yourself, your body, and your soul. Enjoy the delicious treat of five-minutes a day of movement and rest — and if you're like me, you might start to love it.

The entire deck of notecards will be posted to this website and Instagram for free. Enjoy!

You can find the full series on my Instagram or here on my website at

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