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The power of saying things out loud.

The power of saying what you want out loud continues to astound me.

It was January 1, this year. I was setting goals. I outlined what I wanted to do this quarter — take singing lessons, finish the first draft of my book, a few more things.

Being in New York has been challenging at times. It’s a new environment, and all my close friends from San Francisco aren’t here. I knew the transition would mean setting up a new community, digging in and getting to know people, but I was up for it.

After a year, however, I confided in my husband that I wanted a little bit more: I wanted a New York bestie. I want a friend friend. You know, someone you confide in, giggle with, laugh with. Someone who can see you being stupid and doesn’t immediately write you off, but thinks, yup, this is all just part of it. Kind of like family. But my family and friends were all back on the West Coast.

I wanted that person here.

So I added it to my January wish list, unabashedly. “Find a New York bestie.”

In my mind, I thought that it might take a while to do. I immediately put up ideas in my mind of how these things happen: we’d have to friend-date for a while, find the right chemistry, weed through a bunch of people, etc. I planned on going to tons of events to meet new people, because, well, higher numbers, higher odds, right? It sounded somewhat exhausting for an introverted writer who likes being home alone. But still, I wrote it down in my notebook:

Find a New York bestie.

A few days later, my good friend comes by my work office just after New Years. We chat about how I’m doing at my new job, and I tell him about my goals list — somehow forgetting that I'd recently written out, "Find a bestie."

"Goals? Cool! Can I see them?"

"Sure!" I respond. I share my money goals, my learning goals, the fact that I want to write a book...

"Hey, that’s a goal?" He asked, reading over my shoulder, pointing at my friend request.

"Oh! Yes," I said sheepishly. (Argh, I think. I forgot I wrote THAT down.)

“I’ll be your New York Bestie,” he said instantly.

My eyes lit up. I hadn’t anticipated this.

Like five-year olds on a kindergarten playground at recess, the pact was made. We’d be watching out for each other.

48 hours from start to finish.

Seriously, write down your dreams. Say your dreams out loud.

Using your voice is very powerful.

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