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Want to be a better storyteller? Two new online workshops, April 24th and 29th.

Humans are born storytellers. The way we tell and share our stories about who we are, what we do, and what we want affects who sees us, hears about us, and whether or not the right people connect with us.

If you want to learn how to describe yourself or your business (or both), join me at one of the following live storytelling workshops.

I've taught storytelling and narrative writing workshops live across the country—from the World Domination Summit to Bold Academy to General Assembly, and now I'm teaching two of these workshops as live online webinars that you can access from anywhere. Previously these workshops were only offered in person—if you've wanted to attend a class (or you're curious about the upcoming writer's workshops), join this one-day class.

Join me on Thursday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 29 for two 90-minute sessions on storytelling, narrative, and psychology.

"One of the best classes I've ever taken at General Assembly." — Craig, General Assembly workshop participant
"Amazing class. I learned so much—left with pages packed full of notes." — Joel, WDS workshop participant. 

Storytelling 1.0: Crafting narratives for individuals and businesses. Thursday, April 24th, 1pm EST. $30.

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WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: This introductory class will cover narrative form and storytelling tools that are practical and quickly implementable for many communication needs ranging from a personal biography to the description of your company. Understand the role of your audience; the psychology of your readership, and why asking certain questions will make storytelling much easier.

You'll learn how to dissect the various mediums where messages are told, how to modify your story based on the place you're telling it; how to identify your values and your audience's values, and the power of lyrical descriptions in your story. We'll also cover basic psychological principles of understanding and why this is important for how you craft your message.

HOW IT WORKS: This private online webinar will be hosted LIVE at 1PM EST. The webinar includes 90-minutes of lecture, visual, and presentation materials followed by 30-minutes of open question-and-answer sessions—ask anything you'd like and get feedback on your story + listen in to the questions of others!

Can't make it live? The webinars will be recorded with a private link of the recording sent out to all participants.

PREPARATION: Bring pens, paper, and notebooks to write on. Bring a draft of your current biography and/or business description (you'll be asked to re-write it during the webinar based on the key principles we cover).

Register here: Storytelling 1.0: Live Webinar, Thursday, April 24th 1—3pm EST. $30.

"Sarah goes over five different frameworks for how to tell stories — this was the first time the Hero's Journey really made sense to me in a modern context." —Anne S.
"I never thought about how important value systems were to storytelling—once she described it, it was a huge "Ah-ha" moment for me. Now I know which stories to tell when." — Jeremy H.
"The simple idea that we all have many stories to tell took a lot of the pressure off—we don't need to pick just one story. We can switch them out based on our audience and the medium." — Leslie.

Storytelling 2.0: Leadership, sticky messages and the psychology of persuasion. Tuesday, April 29th 1pm EST. $30.

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ABOUT THIS CLASS: This second session of the two-part storytelling series can be taken independently or in conjunction with Storytelling 1.0. In this class, we look at the stories that great leaders use to inspire; why (and how) to use emotion in your stories, and the persuasive benefits of a great story. This class includes a deeper dive into case studies of great stories (and not-so-great stories) to better grasp the concepts. In our time together, I'll even show how Finding Nemo can teach us how to engage audiences from the beginning of your story with clever hooks and curiosity gaps.

HOW IT WORKS: This private online webinar will be hosted LIVE at 1PM EST. The webinar includes 90-minutes of lecture, visual, and presentation materials followed by 30-minutes of open question-and-answer sessions—ask anything you'd like and get feedback on your story + listen in to the questions of others!

Can't make it live? The webinars will be recorded with a private link of the recording sent out to all participants.

Register here: Storytelling 2.0: Live Webinar, Tuesday, April 29 1—3pm EST. $30.

"It makes so much sense—leadership stories are different than other stories, because the objectives are different. Now I can see how people tell future-based stories and I realize how powerful they are." — Sam
"This class takes a deep dive into your own personal Hero's Journey narratives based on the work of Carol Pearson—I finally understood how I was living out my own Orphan narrative. This class was better than therapy." —(Anonymous).
"Sarah is one of the warmest and kindest people I know. Work with her, she will be a change-maker and an incredibly valuable asset to your team or life." — Jana Schuberth, Owner, Love Work Now

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