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How to Create an Online Home You Love: a one-night live event in NYC with Holstee, my hubby & me.

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How's your internet home treating you? Are you loving it, hating it, indifferent towards it, or ... not making it?

If you've ever wanted to start a blog, write an e-book, or create your own online home powerhouse to showcase your creative ideas, then it's time to make it happen. I'm thrilled to announce a LIVE evening workshop with some of my favorite people (@Holstee!), an extra-special co-teacher that I happen to adore — and be, well, married to.

And — YOU, of course!

If you're in New York on Monday, October 20th, you're invited to the Holstee laboratories in Brooklyn for an evening event focused on crafting your voice, your art, and your work — and translating it to the online world. The Holstee studio and company, home to the to the globally-loved This is Your Life manifesto, are focused on mindful living practices and creating art, experiences, and opportunities to change the way people look at life.

Do what you love and do it often — @Holstee twitter bird

In our first-ever LIVE class together, my husband Alex and I are going to be teaching a workshop focused on creating your own online home — and navigating all the tools and opportunities to discover how to best showcase you and your work in this increasingly noisy (internet) world.

There has never been a better time to have your voice heard and your work seen.

From book publishing and graphic design, to content strategy and thought leadership, Alex and I have each spent over a decade working in communications, design, and publishing — and we're bringing these goods to a private, 20-person laboratory style event. Think of it as a guided session built around our best-knowledge combined with all your questions.

Join us at the live event! We'll look at:

  • Understanding where you want to go and what tools you can use to get you there;
  • The nuts-and-bolts for creating great graphics, imagery, and words to reflect your personality and soul.
  • How to hone your voice with Sarah's "content strategy toolkit" to help make writing easier, more manageable — and published!
  • Best-practices for working with designers to execute your vision — distilling Alex's experience in the industry working as a designer and design strategist with global leaders;
  • The art of creating your online home and how to craft a meaningful space that resonates with who you are.

Want to create an online home that you love?

By the end of the evening, you will have practical insights for how to develop your own online space in a way that feels uniquely YOU.  From what to write about to how to create imagery that stands out in the crowd, this workshop is perfect if you want to get started on (or revamp) that project you can't stop thinking about.

All the details —

Monday, October 20th. 7:00 - 9:30 PM.
Brooklyn, New York City.

Holstee's (New!) Learning Laboratory
Read more + register here.

Only 20 spots. Sign up to join us at the live workshop.

PS: This is the inaugural session of the Holstee Learning Lab (and I'm honored to be a part!) so if you want to join us + sign up before October 1st, you get a 20% discount. (Just use the code EARLYBIRD20 when signing up).

I'd love to see you (and meet you!) there.

Sarah — and Alex!

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