Sarah Kathleen Peck

I teach, tutor, and mentor people interested in bettering their craft at writing, storytelling and narrative design--from strategic initiatives with companies interested in redesigning their corporate communications to executives interested in become better storytellers, to small groups of writers around the world gathered together online in a digital forum. Some of the places I've lectured, moderated or spoken include UC-Berkeley, University of Virginia, School of Architecture, and KA-Connect, the Knowledge Architecture conference in San Francisco.

I've taught workshops at the World Domination Summit, Bold Academy, General Assembly, and was previously a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania (graduate level) and Denison University (undergraduate level).

Contact me for more details. The following workshops are available (2013):


What is a story? And why do we tell stories? To be human is to connect to one another, and one of the ways we do this is through the use of visual, written, and oral storytelling. Through performance. We are all born storytellers, and we all have many stories to tell. 2-hour and 6-hour workshops focused on story frameworks, the psychology of memory and storytelling, and how to improve your communication skills through actionable tips and storytelling tools.

Writer's Workshop

A 3-week digital intensive class designed to help you improve your writing, think more creatively, and practice your communication skills. Three weeks of daily modules and essay prompts, 3 live calls and Q/A sessions, and a closed group to build a community of writers and facilitate interaction among aspiring writers of all levels. Offered quarterly.

Questions? Contact me for more details.