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Sarah Kathleen Peck

Want to work together? I consult for clients on communications, writing and design projects, and I also work with individuals in a one-on-one coaching relationship to create clarity, vision, and strategy in your journey.

I teach, mentor, and consult for people interested in bettering their craft at writing, storytelling and narrative design. From strategic initiatives and corporate communications for teams and companies, to executives and professionals interested in become better storytellers, I work with people interested in improving themselves, their writing, and their communications.

Some of the places I've lectured, moderated or spoken include UC Berkeley, The University of Virginia School of Architecture, KA-Connect with Knowledge Architecture's, Storylines at Trulia, and at Tech Cocktail in Downtown Las Vegas.

I've taught workshops at the World Domination Summit, Bold Academy, General Assembly, and was previously a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate teaching assistant at Denison University.

Private Coaching + Consulting

I work with high-impact individuals to help accelerate their goals by providing clarifying questions, creating strategic action plans, and helping to unpack the habits and psychological "traps" we can get into along the way. 

I work frequently with clients as a coach and strategist--someone to help guide thought processes, reframe ideas, create clarity, and help you unlock your own potential. Coaching is a mentoring relationship where both you and I invest in YOU: in your idea, in your dreams, in your discovery, in your transitions, and in your progress.

While most clients prefer booking several sessions to develop an ongoing relationship together (and create highest change impact in their lives), sometimes you need a single breakthrough clarity call to elucidate your ideas, create clarity, and emerge focused after sorting through big ideas. I work with people on crafting ideas, sorting through goals, creating strategies, and implementing their visions. My clients have brilliant ideas–often too many–and need help focusing, strategizing, and bringing their ideas to life.

Do you feel stuck or confused? Not sure you’re on the right path? Somewhere between a quarterlife crisis and a midlife crisis, or in the murk that commonly looks like life? We'll work together to find clarity. Sometimes we need perspective, feedback, and someone to cut through the confusion with a knife of motivation, encouragement and inspiration. In our breakthrough sessions – we’ll achieve clarity with a check-in to talk about any questions, fears, or concerns you have.

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Single Sessions.
... Single 60-minute session, $225.
... Single 90-minute session, $300.

Three Sessions
60 minutes each, used within 2 calendar months.
... Three Sessions, $600.

The Start Something Project
A 6-week planning, visioning, and coaching intensive with weekly calls, weekly homework, unlimited email support and strategic review. See the full program details, here.
... Current Start Something Project Rate: $1800. 

Pay-What-You-Can Days. Offered (roughly) quarterly. Sliding scale available for people who are new to coaching or tight on finances but need some brainstorming and reflection at this key moment in their lives or businesses. Offered on the blog periodically.

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Communications + Marketing Consulting

Clarity in communications and media is essential for any firm--and any company. Building awareness about your brand and your business, aligning your messaging, and understanding the new, interconnected world of digital media is no easy challenge. I've worked with past clients and projects on creating communications strategy, building brand awareness, developing media relationships, writing thought leadership pieces, and helping craft messages that resonate.

To discuss working together or request a proposal, please contact me (below) with as much project information as possible, and I'll get back to you to set up an initial consultation.

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 Teaching + Workshops

To book a corporate workshop or inquire about rates, contact me for more details. The following workshops are available (2013):


What is a story? And why do we tell stories? To be human is to connect to one another, and one of the ways we do this is through the use of visual, written, and oral storytelling. Through performance. We are all born storytellers, and we all have many stories to tell. 2-hour and 6-hour workshops focused on story frameworks, the psychology of memory and storytelling, and how to improve your communication skills through actionable tips and storytelling tools.

Writer's Workshop (Digital Workshop)

A 4-week digital intensive class designed to help you improve your writing, think more creatively, and practice your communication skills. Four weeks of daily modules and essay prompts, 4 live calls and Q/A sessions, and a closed group to build a community of writers and facilitate interaction among aspiring writers of all levels. Offered quarterly. See the full Program Details.


What’s your teaching style? Do you have a teaching philosophy?

Absolutely. I work under several premises that create the foundation for the work I do with my clients, on this blog, and in my life.

  • Get Started. I believe that one of the most difficult things for each of us is the “getting started”part of any habit. We spend so much time locked in our heads and minds and not enough time actually doing the things that need to get done. The goal of our time together is to walk forwards in "baby steps" that develop habits, move you forward, and result in a collective big punch that moves you towards your dream.
  • You Need A Team. If we could each simply “motivate” or “do” everything we wanted to, life would be great–but it doesn’t work like that. We need community, coaches, friends, mentors, teachers, and a whole crew of people to help us walk (or run!) towards our dreams. Our time together adds structure, mentorship, teaching and accountability to your wonderful burgeoning creative talents--helping to get the best out of YOU.
  • Positivity. The next premise is one of positivity. I believe we need to be very kind to ourselves about our progress. In my experience, a lot of folks engage in a dialogue about why they’re not accomplishing or achieving what they meant to do yet. I like to re-frame this, and instead talk about all the good things you’re capable of doing, and be positive about whatever level you can achieve. Everyone’s definition of success is different, and the most important thing is creating space and time and a collaborative, safe environment to explore your ideas and future projects.
  • Intuition. I believe in honing your relationship with your intuition–your instinct, your gut. If you’ve spent years in academic or work environments with a particular rigor or structure, it’s highly likely that you’ve lost touch with your base creative intuition. The good news is that each of us can build and strengthen our relationship with our instincts by getting out our tools and “exercising” our intuitive muscles daily.

Praise from past clients:

"How do you form the words to talk about someone who has fundamentally altered the course of your life? Over one of the shortest but most intense months of my life, Sarah guided me along the journey of writing and recognizing my personal narrative. She was funny but firm, smart yet humble and treated me as if I was the most important thing in her world. Her ability to connect combined with her amazing skills in writing and story telling are a powerful combination that led, in my case, to a professional and personal breakthrough that I had been searching for. I would highly recommend Sarah to be a part of your universe - she is what this world needs more of."

-- Lisa Endersby, Canadian Student Affairs Professional

"Sarah has been incredible to work with. In addition to helping me focus my content and define my audience, she held me accountable to publish at least once every week. Just having her there, knowing she was expecting one link in an email per week did loads for my motivation. I was accountable to someone other than myself, that's powerful. I've grown my blog traffic exponentially and Sarah has been a huge part of that."

-- Zack Shapiro, Writer, Engineer at Task Rabbit

"I now understand the importance of having a vision, breaking it down into manageable steps and executing step by step. I know the importance of being compassionate and building habits that contribute to success. I also have more faith in my abilities and potential. I'm so excited for what the future will bring and excited to tackle the challenges that I'll face along the way. Your final notes to me made me tear up. It's been such an insane, awesome, chaotic, exciting roller-coaster three months. Life out here is exactly how I hoped life would be: full of opportunity, big dreams and incredible people. I'm so very grateful that you were one of the incredible people that have been a part of my dream so far."

-- M (Anonymous)